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The Booker T. Washington Inspirational Network is the outgrowth of the Booker T. Washington Speakers Network originally founded by Gloria Jackson. In early 2005 at a forum at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C., Gloria was introduced to Eddie Huff. Through this contact and the discovery of a kindred spirit Eddie and Gloria joined forces in order to help develop and expand Gloria's vision for the network. After a few months of prayer, discussion, and planning the name was changed and Booker T. Washington Inspirational Network, Inc., BTWIN, was launched.

BTWIN is non-partisan, and will not promote any particular political party's candidate or policy. We are about discussing issues and solutions, particularly those affecting the Black community in America. It is our opinion that America, despite its shortcomings, remains the greatest nation on earth, but is chosen to be great for a particular purpose. We also believe that "Black America" is not only instrumental, but an integral part of that greatness- past, present and future. As America goes, so goes the world- as Black America goes, so goes this nation. Booker T. Washington with great vision and clarity saw this reality and prophetically declared a blessing and a curse, related to this relationship:

There is no escape through the law of man or of God from the inevitable:

The laws of changeless justice bind
Oppressor with the oppressed;
And close
As sin and suffering joined
We march to fate abreast

Nearly sixteen millions of hands will aid you in pulling the load upward, or they will pull against you the load downward. We shall constitute one-third and more of the ignorance and crime of the South, or one third its intelligence and progress; we shall contribute one-third to the business and industrial prosperity of the South, or we shall prove a veritable body of death, stagnating, depressing, retarding every effort to advance the body politic. Booker T. Washington- Atlanta Exposition Speech; September 18, 1895

These words written 116 years ago have proven prophetic and we stand at a very similar place, as a nation (for different reasons), than we did in 1895 when these words were spoken. While it is easy to blame either the white race, or our own race, neither is fruitful in the end. Blame and negativity were not the answer then and they are not the answer today. Faith in God, hope for mankind and a vision for a better day are.

We pray that we may be used to further the Kingdom of God and the fellowship of man.